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Matthew Gray Gubler. Cannot get enough of him, he is more than just a nerd ;) The guy is hilarious in interviews, and has absolutely perfect bone structure! I dieee inside wanting him soo much

Domino’s Spring Issue is Here and it’s All About Color! Design by Ron Marvin -


FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Zoelaz

Senior pictures on road. Road senior pictures. #streetseniorpictures #seniorpicturesonaroad #seniorpictureideasforgirls



I think black and brown Corgis are the cutest. here to find out more

from Her Campus

5 Signs That He Has Style

((FC: Andrew Garfield)) Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm 18 and single. I'm bi but I lean more towards guys....I am a bit shy but I can be flirty. Intro?

"Why hello! You look like you need someone to jump all over you and lick your face!"

from The Organised Housewife

Organising the home office - Set up a dedicated workspace

board across some filing cabinets, simple and useful. Rental Decorating – Home Office


22 Scarily Cute Black Cats That Will Put A Spell On You

Oh. My. Word. @Amy's a chippitydoda! It's a BABY Chippy! I miss the littleness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is one tiny little Bear - up a tree - where he's safe - while the Mom takes care of business down below - where the photographer - is - - or - - -