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Homeless travellers fill a dilapidated Berlin railway station platform, shortly after Germany's defeat in World War II. They are poorly dressed and many carry small bundles of belongings, amongst them are soldiers who have made their own way from Germany's Russian Front.

Social Effect- Black Engineer Corps, WWII-Over a million black soldiers had served in uniform. The share of defense jobs held by blacks had increased from 3 to 8 percent. Nearly half a million people belonged to the NAACP. In 1944, NAACP lawyer Thurgood Marshall argued before the Supreme Court that all-white primaries in the South violated his black client’s 14th Amendment right to equal protection. The case, known as Smith v. Allwright, was an 8-1 victory

World War II. Liberation of Holland. Dutch people waving at allied planes. The Netherlands, location unknown, 1945.

Memorial stones located in Arlington National Cemetery for all 5 of the Sullivan Brothers, who were all lost on 13 November 1942 when the ship they were *all* serving on, USS Juneau, was hit off the Solomon Islands in the Pacific during WWII. Their bodies were never recovered. ** MADISON ABEL SULLIVAN - S2C - 8 November 1919 - 13 November 1942 - Purple Heart - Brothers in Arms **

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World War Two History Events Printable Timeline Poster

We don't win wars by making deals but by punishing the guilty & setting free the captive.

Child soldier. Lots of Hitler Youth were sent to the front in 1945.

Photos of The Destroyed Berlin in 1945 (image heavy) - WAR HISTORY ONLINE

Huddling in blankets the only survivors of an original 150 Polish people who walked from Lodz in Poland to Berlin hoping to find food and shelter. They are waiting by a railway track hoping to be picked up by a British army train and given help.

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Political map of Who's Who in World War I [infographic

The Who's Who of WWI

Child soldier Apparently not a new problem