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lady baltimore cake: always wanted to try making this.

16 Magazine, I LOVED thsi magazine and had lots of them! Going grocery shopping with Mom always meant the newest issue! :)

Bobbie Brooks Seventeen Mar 73. When beachwear was actually cute

"Mother Nature is a conscious system of wisdom and order, of chaos that strikes when necessary, and calm that can create the illusion that it’s a permanent state of being. Mother Nature is a constant force of aggression seeking balance but always following her own laws." - Caroline Myss

Seventeen 1957- and imagine that ! Nothing about sex on the cover!! I hate that a magazine for teens is always talking about how to better your sex life, I don't think teens should have a sex life and if they do it should be telling then about SAFE sex if anything else!!!

from Stress Free Mommies

8 helpful tips for the mom who can't stop screaming

Are you that mom who always finds herself screaming(yelling) at her kids? I get it, I'm that mom too. These tips will helps reduce the screaming and focus on what's important. These tips are for the mom who can't stop screaming. Helpful tips for positive parenting.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. -

Lauren Hutton always natural & stunning in the 60's & now.

§§§ : Betsy McCall : McCall's magazine ✄ 1958. My mom would always give me the Betsy McCall paper doll to cut out of McCall magazine.