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The complete Waitplate System offers food portion templates, cutlery, tableware and our patented Waitplate Chewing Timer ensuring every meal is balanced and the right portion.

Men and women have different needs when it comes to protein which is Waitplate have male and female protein food templates to ensure you are getting the right portion sizes.

How much food you're eating sometimes comes down to how much you're putting on your fork! Our unique Waitplate cutlery is specifically designed to reduce the amount of food being put into the mouth at any one time which inadvertently slows down your eating through smaller portion sizes and allows you more time to digest your food. Bon Appetit!

Chicken, greens and rice never looked so good! Don't forget to pass the sauce with our Waitplate Dressings and Fats Template.

So how much bread do you actually need? With the increasing amount of people suffering from gluten intolerance it's interesting to note how much extra bread we're all eating without even realizing. Our Waitplate bread template takes out the guess work and shows you what you should be eating.

Our Waitplate Contemporary Plate is one of our most popular products where your meal options is literally spelt out for you!

A great way to stay healthy and to help avoid the flu this season is to include some natural probiotics into your every day diet.