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[COVER] [PREVIOUS PAGE] [NEXT PAGE] “I’m sorry, Marco! I don’t know what’s happening to me!” “Hey, hey, it’s ok! Come here!” Marco tried to pick her up for a hug. ”W-Wait! Easy! OUFF!” Star threw...

Me: *I will not be awkward today* Person: Hey! Me: Good thanks!

It kind of irritates me that people find Sebastian Stan sexy and the 'hot stuff', etc. But when I said "Hey! People! Look how hot the mad hatter is nobody gave a damn... What about now bitches LMAO

Speaking of songs I hate... Follow me maybe! Hey I don't know u, u think I'm crazy, so here's my screen name! Follow me maybe!

Hey maybe I just put it down because YOU CALLED ME TO DO SOMETHING THAT INSTANT. Thanks everyone for repinning, I think it's my most repinned thing lol.

shishitsunari: “ Look at this AWESOME collab We have done, me and @angiensca! She Drawn LB and I drawn CN, she colored CN and I colored LB! I had a lot of fun, because I had to make Chat a bit more deformed than usual, to match her style, but HEY our...

And the good men finally shall come forth from their long years of hiding. And we shall marry them.

Jack wut r u doing?? Jack: This guys trying to impersonate me Me: That's your reflection jackie... Jack: So my reflection is trying to impersonate me Me: Omg I'm dating an idiot Jack: Hey!!! Me: Straw hahaha