Embroidery Floss and Clothespins Keep embroidery floss from unraveling and getting lost by wrapping it around a clothespin.

Sewing Machine Needle Auto Threading: This Video Tutorial shows how to use the auto threading mechanism on the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. I also show an alternative method for threading the eye of the sewing machine needle for those that have dexterity issues or are just unable to get the hang of the auto threader. Please check out my blog for more information and pictures. http://roxannestitches.com/2016/08/new-tool-tuesday-video-tutorial-threading-help/

Do you love to use decorative stitches in your sewing and applique projects? If so, then you need a Satin Stitch or Open Toe Foot. The groove on the back makes it perfect for sliding over dense stitches. Sewing is easy when you know which presser foot to use.

Learn how to sew 12 different hems using your sewing machine. This articles has easy tips, tricks and how-to's that you can use to improve your sewing.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Quilter Sewing Machine w/ FREE Hard Case and BONUS Feet

This blog post gives you 10 common sewing mistakes that make your garment look homemade, which is not a good thing. HANDmade doesn't have to look HOMEmade. Sew clothes you'll be proud to put your name on by eliminating these 10 mistakes.

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