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Verona, Italy, at midnight © jadoretotravel

A Spitfire I cant express how exciting it was to stand so close to such an iconic and famous plane as this. Temora NSW Aust photo by jadoretotravel

Have you ever wondered where Dingies go to sleep? On Brisbane Waters, a body of water connected to Broken Bay and the Pacific... It is very popular with the many yachts!

my husband and his best mate jumping together over an amazing land and sea scape Marouya NSW photo by jadoretotravel

Sailing the Aegean and being escorted..from Skopelos to Alonnisos Islands Greece...an amazing experience! photo by jadoretotravel

Racing past us in Hamilton Vicoria was this gorgeous 'billy cart'! I asked permission to take a photo and the young men who are the owners were very proud!! © jadoretotravel

Italian signs and cars...how perfect!! near Ventimilgia Italian Riveria © jadoretotravel

Boats passing by... on Brisbane River, Brisbane near the Storey Bridge photo by jadoretotravel

Sailing down Chao Phraya River towards Bangkok in the identical vessel to this, from Ayutthaya photo by jadoretotravel

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