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from レシピと料理アイデア1000万皿 | SnapDish

akikoさんの ズッキーニのペペロンチーノ

安いズッキーニ発見✨ 前々から気になっていた。。。 akikoさんのズッキーニのペペロンチーノに即決定!! ずっと作りたかったの꒰ ´͈ω`͈꒱ やっと作れて嬉しぃ〜美味しぃ〜❤ 焼いた野菜をオイルに漬ける。。。とってもお勉強になりましたょ“〆(゚_゚*)フムフム 素敵レシピありがとうございました♡( ᵕ̤ૢᴗᵕ̤ૢ )♡ - 138件のもぐもぐ - *akikoさんの♡ズッキーニのペペロンチーノ٩꒰৹৺৹ઌ꒱♡ by tocca

from Live Science

NASA Honors Prince by Tweeting Photo of Purple Nebula

The famous Crab Nebula, as seen by the Hubble and Herschel space telescopes. NASA tweeted out this photo on April 21, 2016, in honor of the musician Prince, who died that day at the age of 57.

Giant Arc of Light --A Mystery Observed Behind a Super-Massive Galaxy 10 Billion Light Years Away June 27, 2012 Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have found a puzzling arc of light.

She Dreams In Aubergine by Ирина Дубровская

Stellar Snowflake Cluster 13x19inch Fine by DeepSpacePhotography, $20.00

n-a-s-a: “ A frighteningly shaped reflection nebula, this cosmic crone is about 800 light-years away though. Its malevolent visage seems to glare toward nearby bright star Rigel in Orion, just off the...

#zachary quinto #karl urban ( repinning because I love this ) Spock your human side is showing


M42, the Orion Nebula (Top), and NGC 1977, a Reflection Nebula (Bottom)

M42, the Orion Nebula (Top), and NGC 1977, a Reflection Nebula (Bottom) Photographic Print at

from Foursquare

Chugach National Forest

~~Six Mile Creek autumn, Kenai Peninsula, Chugach National Forest, Alaska by Wild Nature Images~~

New Eddystone Rock in Misty Fjords National Wilderness Monument Park, Alaska--so beautiful!!