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お花見のお弁当 ありったけの弁当箱を使って

旦那さんがお休みだったので、今年の桜を、見納めに 今日、暑いです!!! - 67件のもぐもぐ - お花見のお弁当〜ありったけの弁当箱を使って^ ^ by キミー

Star Trek Recast. Didn't know Uhura was actually from Africa <- THEY'RE ALL FROM EARTH THO (except Spock, who's from Vulcan). THIS BOTHERS ME. (Mass Effect spoiled me for this, mind you)

Sitting Bull: Thathanka Iyotake in Lakota language was a First Nation leader who lead the Lakota Nation on a last, heroic struggle against the American government in the 19th century. He brought several First Nation chiefs together to resist the government's cavalries, one of his most famous stand-offs was the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Star Trek random facts…

Since nobody believed that the red shirt dying thing was only a thing for TOS. (and that one other movie thing)