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Explore City Batman, Batman Arkham City and more!

Penguin | Batman Arkham City. Probably the most beautiful video game creation I've ever seen. Hands down. No game has beat it yet.

from CNET

Superheroes reimagined in film noir style (pictures) - Page 10

Dark Knight - One of the most spectacular images by Marko Manev features the shadow of Batman observing Gotham City from a skyscraper. As the cityscape plays out before him, a bat signal beckons and a colony of bats ascend into the night.

Batman. Video games. Comic books. Movies. Cartoons. He'll rock your world no matter what form of entertainment you enjoy. (We really need a Batman-themed Broadway show....)

Joker - Arkham Series ~ You know shit's serious when The Joker ditches the revolver and switches to his left hand :-p The best games ever