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People typically travel so they can learn about different cultures and experience new things. As graduates of hospitality and tourism programs know, there are tons of companies that provide these cultural experiences to travellers in the form of guided trips, or ready-made tour itineraries.

Once you become a travel consultant, you’ll use your training to recommend the best trips for your clients. Whether they’re looking for a remote and relaxing getaway, a busy city trip, or an adventure off the beaten path, you’ll use your tried and tested travel tips to help them bring their dream vacations to life.

Millions of travellers voted, and the results are in! For the seventh year in a row, the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice survey has let travellers decide which hotels, resorts, and tourist destinations they loved most.

Travel and tourism is a thriving industry that continues to change with the times. In just the last few decades, tourism professionals have added all kinds of new features to the travel industry—from in-flight Wi-Fi to hotel booking apps.

As 2015 drew to a close, the global leaders of travel and tourism gathered together to recognize the successes and innovations brought to the industry in the past year.

It’s a good thing that tourism students love to travel, because working in this industry; they will often need to be in multiple places at once!

The travel industry is one of the fastest growing service sectors in the world, becoming more accessible and affordable with each passing tourist season. With the right training and know-how, today’s tourism industry professionals can open their clients up to an entire world of destination possibilities.

The travel and tourism industry is pushing boundaries by the day! Not only are today’s tourism professionals providing excellent service to travellers around the globe—guests are getting the opportunity to stay in accommodations designed to exceed their wildest expectations.

At the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula lies one of Mexico’s top tourism hotspots: Los Cabos. During Cabo’s high season—which runs from just before Christmas to just after Easter—thousands of tourists flock to this top travel destination. It’s not hard to see why: miles of pristine beaches, delicious local cuisine, rowdy nightlife, and lavish spas make Cabo an ideal spot for travellers looking to lie back, relax, and enjoy a drink or two.

Start your year off right! If you’ve resolved to kick-start a fast-paced, secure, and rewarding career in 2016, the right hospitality and tourism college can help you along the way.