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Be coffee! Lol

Ways to win my heart . Buy me coffee Make me coffee Be coffee / Coffee Shop Stuff

Patriarchy! It hurts men, too. The insidious thing about the husband-as-manchild stereotype is the way it inverts the traditional gendered power dynamic. Women aren't doing all the housework because it's inferior, unpaid 'women's work,' they're doing all the housework because men are incompetent, stupid, and slow! @ Bruce Russell

Humor - Now THAT& funny - Funny Wedding Ecard: Marriage is just a .

This is why I don't even bother. Once a NightOwl, always a NightOwl !

Totally me and it doesn't matter if I change my sleep time and do it for weeks to months.I'll always be a night owl. I need a night owl job lol.


Funny Ecard: That's it? Three likes and one comment? That shit was brilliant, people.

FOX News summed up in one ecard..

better late than ugly ;) actually I usually just arrive ugly since I hate being late!

Bahaha...I definitely have said my wedding would have been so much cooler if pinterest had been around then...

Or maybe mine should just say, "I had my wedding before I cared about weddings." Or maybe, "I had my wedding before I had style.