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I love science, and this quote represents exactly how I feel about it. I think that science is just exploring the curiosity and creative potential that one may have.

One to think about :: hand lettering by Lisa Congdon

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69 Motivational Quotes that will Charge You Up

So sending this to him... Inside joke... Can't help but to laugh and smh at the same time. #justus

Hmm. Nikola Tesla is such an interesting historical figure. I'd love to study his mind. His thoughts on energy, vibration, and our minds is incredibly thought provoking. I love very much that he was very clear that although he came to some understanding, he would never truly understand completely. But he still tried. This, to me, is what intelligence and wisdom truly is.

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Best Ever 25 Quotes to Live By

Best Ever 25 Quotes to Live By #Quotes #To live by

I love this! Scientists have been trying to disprove the Bible for years and all they end up doing is proving all the more that it is truth!

Your guide to scientific licking

Your guide to scientific licking

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Let it be Me that that he wants, need, desires and prays for... I want to be his fantasy that comes alive only for him