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Bob's Mythological Garden by Faiz Kermani

The Star Child and Other Tales by Faiz Kermani

"No Place for Dreamers," Volume 2 of Kennedy's Tales, features highlights of the life of the iconic Aggie Grey. The family's long-time friendship sheds some interesting light on this legendary woman whose hotel and hospitality were known to 10s of 1000s in the years that spanned WWII to the present. But this is only one of the poignant stories in the collection. Volumes 1 & 2 were among the 40 books to represent New Zealand writers at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012.An Amazon BestSeller.

This is Val Simone's best book yet! And another "Best Seller"! A beautifully written story. After a near-death experience in his childhood, Nathan faces a diagnosis of "terminal cancer" in his early 40s. He dedicates his remaining time to exploring the expanding paradigm of "what comes after . . .", and takes us along on a truly "enlightening" journey that will change our perspective forever.