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I placed my head upon her's feeling the cold energy flowing from her. It felt nice to me. I had always loved the way she comforted me here in the wastes of winter. I should have felt cold lying naked there in the snow, but I had never felt so warm inside.

The soft fur felt warm in my hands and I knew the wovles will protect me

I'm cara I'm energetic and caring. Hurt anyone in my pack and you are done. I love to run free. Human form I'm a singer and I enjoy it so much. I'm a tracker it's one thing I love. I'm 19 and kinda reckless.

Kitten has spent her entire life looking out for and taking care of herself. When a terrifying event leaves her bloody and bruised she is taken in by 8 men who... - is not just wallpapers, but it's a whole world of amazing images and photos on various subjects. You can download wallpapers, upload your photos, and share your feelings in comments!

Sii libero, almeno per un giorno… sii Lupo.

For all 32 of my followers!!!! Wow I can't believe I have 32 followers!! Thanks to everyone who is following me!!