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Three articles on #screenwriting by screenwriter Mark Sanderson aka Scriptcat...

(Open SPN RP) I was trapped inside a ring of holy fire and the man yelled,"Kill them dammit!" I looked away and yelled,"No. I can't." He walked toward me and said,"Alright you asked for it." He stepped forward with an Angel Blade and began cutting into my skin.

2nd Grade Narrative Writing Unit CCSS Aligned

That is so true! Only problem I have is writing it down on paper. I always make up stories in my head, when I have quiet time to myself, when I am driving, and even dreaming at night. I just struggle with writing my imagination and wild stories down on paper. I am a very detailed person, very descriptive person, that's my main struggle is finding the words to put what's in my head on paper.

.... unless you're thinking, "I can't fail! I can't stop! I can't quit!" #RockthisDay #beastmode #youcandoit #mymklife #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness

“I went to film school. I did screenwriting school. The best thing for me was reading scripts.” —Stuart Beattie THE SCREENWRITING GUIDE TO FINDING PDF SCRIPTS ONLINE

Screenwriting Website of the Week: Scott Myers' Go Into the Story

Script Magazine celebrates Scott Myers' blog, Go Into the Story, as our screenwriting website of the week. #scriptchat

BALLS OF STEEL: How to Write a Screenplay That Sells Itself

Jeanne Veillette Bowerman explains how to write a screenplay that sells itself. The secret is right in front of you and absolutely achievable. #scriptchat

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