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Pad Sae Eew - Thai noodle dish with sweet soy sauce. Works absolutely great, and not nearly as tough to cook as it might look.

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20 Best Matthew McConaughey Performances

'The Paperboy' (2012) In a movie notorious for its campy excesses — McConaughey is one of The Paperboy's few bastions of restraint. Lee Daniels' giddily florid Florida murder-mystery finds the actor playing a reporter trying to prove that John Cusack's kooky death-row inmate is innocent. Surrounded by so much over-the-top ludicrousness, the film's smart, still center, desperately trying to keep this boat from capsizing.

An original short story There's Something I need to Tell You. Breaking the news isn't easy but Carly needs to tell Tammy something but what is it?

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Playing this month: Long Gone Alafair Burke   In New York City’s cut-throat world of art, appearances can be deceiving—especially when art world newcomer Alice Humphrey becomes a suspect in a gruesome murder at a Chelsea gallery, and is thrown into a treacherous labyrin