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RADIO DISNEY Verified account ‏@radiodisney Thanks to @kelliberglund @itsmarshallw & @chinamcclain for taking over our Twitter & to everyone for your questions!

Fascinating Calendar Tidbit # 54,315,643,051: The way the patterns play out, the day of the week for Christmas is 1 day later than the day of the week for Jan. 1st. Unless it's a leap year like 2016, then 2 days later. This serves as another example of how knowing the patterns allows you to know the day of the week for (at least some) dates without having to look it up. You can literally know it faster than you can use Google in some instances. Go ahead - verify it for yourself.

PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One for the top-selling electronics product on Cyber Monday in the U.S.

Grab an Xbox One S and Gears of War 4 for $270 Right Now That's $80 less than the bundle usually costs. Last updated by Chris Pereira on November 23, 2016

Justin Bieber Gets Revenge On Drake Bell By Crashing His Album Party

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Drop a grand on diamonds, get a free Xbox One S?

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S Comparison on KS8000 TV (Ep. 4)

Bernie. He’s always got an angle. Catch @lifeaseva on a new #Bizaardvark tonight at 8p!

Drake Disses Kanye West on Stage at AMA's and Instagram - YouTube