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from San Antonio Express-News

Gregg Popovich uncensored: Full transcript of thoughts on Donald Trump

Gregg Popovich said Friday that he's sick to his stomach that Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.

from CNN

Obama on Oregon shooting: 'Somehow this has become routine' -

Obviously, President Obama can’t say it on TV or in public but he is pissed off and rightfully so. He has had it, he’s had enough of this bullshit. As he is ONCE AGAIN forced to hold a press conference to talk about the latest mass shooting, he brought up the fact that there have been so many shootings just in the past few years and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!!!! NOT. A. FUCKING. THING.

Wow...a touching statement about substance abuse. Wendy Williams shares her thoughts and feelings about the passing of Whitney Houston and reveals why she always felt a strong personal connection to the music icon and legend.

BREAKING: Actor-comedian Robin Williams Found Dead

from Metro

Girl born 'with a permanent tattoo of a dog kissing a bunny'

Girl is believed to have the skin condition vitiligo, where pigment is lost from some areas.

from Business Insider

'Inside Out' finally made me understand the one thing my therapist has been trying to teach me for 15 years

ixar's new movie "Inside Out" helped me to understand something my therapist has been trying to convince me of since I was a teenager: It is okay to feel sad.