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Rinikki Johmbonzini/2nd Life N2/The Imagination Of The Public>>>ICONIC<<<KKD2016 #TheBlackSnowExperienced

If you are wondering... #KKD: designer mode #OneDesignForYourMind #KKDApparel #TheworldLoveProject #KeeKeeDonz

Destined to be the most recognized, most loved and hated, one of the most powerful men on the planet. stay tuned_ #KeeKeeDonz: You Bad Jesus

A KeeKeeDonz Designer Tshirt Why should you buy one? It's the promotion of love, peace, and happiness. Don't be part of the problem, be apart of the solution. Let them know you are not just existing. We make a difference in the world_ #StayTuned

When the morning comes it doesn't seem to say an awful lot to me_ #KeeKeeDonz: designer #TheBlackSnowExperience #TheWorldLoveProject #Phase2

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