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8+ Once In A Lifetime Photos: Badass, Cute And Hilarious.

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Not such a killer whale more a wouldn't hurt a fly whale !! Well being underwater wouldn't do the poor fly any favours though " waiter there's a fly in my pool "  " Well don't tell all the other whales, they will ALL WANT ONE !! "

Funny animal gifs - part 212 (10 gifs)

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Replacing caliper, replacing brake linings, replacing brake pad—these are some of the most common brake fixes drivers can get at auto shops! Click over to this Silver Spring, MD auto repair infographic for more facts about brakes.

By understanding your brakes, you can often avoid the need for a brake repair with a hefty price tag. One of the most important things you can do is to make inspections part of your regular car maintenance routine.

Random Inspiration 122 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration 122

Daniel Craig – James Bond *They say that every generation gets the Bond they deserve. I don't know what we did to deserve Daniel Craig, but we better keep it up.