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April 25, 1959: Though Fidel Castro’s 1959 visit to New York City included a rally in Central Park at which a bomb-carrying assassin was thwarted, and though the Cuban leader’s program included seeding socialist revolution across the Americas, it didn’t preclude a break for ice cream, nor a trip to the Bronx Zoo. The Times reported Mr. Castro as saying, after he fed some elephants, that the zoo was “the best thing New York City has.” Photo: Meyer Liebowitz/The New York Times

Fidel Castro in New York, September, 1960 Fidel Castro lectures the press (in mirror) in the restaurant of the Hotel Theresa in New York's Harlem District.

Meow! Feb. 9, 1956: The headline “Mardi Gras Ball Has Fable Theme” announced the New York Junior League’s Mardi Gras ball, which was recalled in a Feb. 14 article. Art Carney was crowned at the event, “between lollipop trees.” The published caption told readers that Mrs. Donald W. Dickson, Jr. planned to go as Puss ‘n Boots. Photo: Meyer Liebowitz/The New York Times

from NY Daily News

Fidel Castro in New York City, 1959 - Photos - Fidel Castro does New York

Fidel Castro at Columbia University, 1959 - Fidel Castro: Cuba's leader visits New York - NY Daily News