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audreylovesparis: “I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams.” Vincent Van Gogh - Le Soleil

My paintings——<Saint Seiya>Hand painted.My own design Saint. 2016.Aug.10下午打稿,12傍晚完成,星矢&城户纱织(天马座&雅典娜.水性笔素描)。主题:神爱[灰色]~~~~还在昏迷的星星,恢复之中.........

Use Elmers Glue to create texture! From the artist -- Regan Cooley ~~ All you have to do is create a design on your canvas with the glue and let it dry, I went over mine a few times so it would have more texture. And then just paint over it! In this one I used metallic paint so the tree would stand out when the light hit it! It was Alot of fun! :)

Royal Gala Painting in acrylic on canvas My paintings Manuel Couto

My paintings——<Saint Seiya>Hand painted.My own design Saint. 2016.July.23晚打稿,24晚完成,瞬&珍妮(仙女座&堰蜒座.水性笔 彩铅)很久没画他们了,表现亲近爱情~PS:珍妮的耳环是梨从海防回归时特意买来送给她的,是梨为感谢珍妮和瞬一直以来的朋友、战友关心之情--对她和冰河俩人,同时也希望珍妮和瞬爱情修成正果。

Paint Party - 'Autumn Night' one of the four season tree paintings...popular to do at my Paint Parties!

Painting my World: 5 Tips for Painting Vibrant Yellow Foliage with Pastels

One of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite artists. Wayne Theibaud inspired most of my paintings in college. Pictures of this painting can't possibly do it justice.

My paintings——<Saint Seiya>Hand painted.My own design Saint---Circinus Bronze Saint Freud. 2015.May.27晚完成[自己人设]圆规座青铜弗洛伊德[彩铅肖像](前段时间做柯南的剧场版片尾曲歌词的资料什么的,隔了长时间没画画.......对不起了)