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"Tintez cloche, Tintez cloche, Tintez dans la nuit, pere noel et ses grand daims arrivent toutes de suite" - That is Jingle Bells in French (I think!) and for the kids French home-school lessons this wall chart would be a very big help! Picture of La Conjugaison

from Bonjour FLE !

Les couleurs – macarons

Colors in French - Les couleurs en français - macarons - fle - vocabulaire


Premier cours de FLE ? Une affiche pour commencer à se comprendre

Expressions utiles pour la classe de français. Useful expressions for French class.

Download this great ebook with 15 free products for the French class... just in time for Back to School!

French Vocabulary to describe daily routine: ma journée – en français

Interjections (we look at these in Teaching FSL's class when watching the movie Monstre à Paris)

from Talk in French

30 French Movies to Put on Your Must-Watch List This September

Discover some amazing French Movies. A new list of 30 movies. If you cannot find at least one that might please you, I don't know what to do... Do not hesitate to share. #french #movies #films

from Selfrench

Complete guide: Tell the time in French

Infographic to learn how to tell the time in French

La sorcière dans les airs - movie trailer that can be used in the French classroom. Have students describe what they see or at least name some of the things in the scenes.