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Abandonment issues? Check. Daddy Issues? Check. Survivor of rape? Check. Testimonial? Check. Now what? Read about it!

Why IS the US military moving back into ‘Stargate’ base deep under the Rocky Mountains a decade after it was abandoned? Shut down nearly ten years ago as the threat from Russia seemed to subside

When You Feel Anxious | 1. Relax your breathing. Take deliberate slow, deep breaths, and feel the tension begin to subside. 2. Clear your mind of disturbing thoughts. Remind yourself of all your strengths, of those occasions when you’ve coped in the past, and of things you still have to look forward to. 3. Shut off the critical parent in your head. We all have weaknesses and make mistakes. Don’t abandon, attack, or reject yourself. You need to support, and to nurture, yourself. (read…

Squatch-Mo, begat from an unholy union between the elusive Sasquatch and a sock monkey abandoned at a state park. Half humanoid apeness, half strangely proportioned plushness, he is a gamey, lonely creature searching for sanctuary. Bring him into your home, wrestle him to the ground and restrain him in a loving headlock and heartfelt half nelson, and soon his thrashing and gnawing will subside and you will find you have a strange, musky friend for life.

Daughter, where do you run? How do you doubt? What do you see when you look for Me? Oh, girl, it’s not silence. No, it’s not empty space. No, it’s not memory failing. No, you don’t need to be smarter, quicker, a better listener. Maybe, you could be more you? Please don’t run away from the girl I’ve made, hand-stamped with beauty, with talent, with a way to see Me and hear me unlike anyone else.

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