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Angles – thought leadership and opinions from Atkins | Can rivers warm our homes?

from The Creek Line House

Easy Molding and Trim Work Trick: Figuring out what to do about tricky angles

Great tip! A really easy way to figure out tricky angles when you're installing moldings, trim, and baseboards.

Like what we see is not what's always the case I feel so fat when is see my self but it's not that way

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Honestly guys you have helped me through so much in my life and I could live forever and never be able to thank you enough. You inspire people everyday that it gets better and that everything will be okay. Xx

Seeing so many people depressed in relationships. Because they know they cannot be themselves, as they may lose their partner...That is not love, that's control! Very sad to see. Any kids from that type of toxic relationship, suffer badly..

"Look at this picture. Your first thought is your looking from the angle of the person saving the falling girl. But what if that's the wrong perspective: what if your falling and she's flying to save you?" <-- awesome