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With the release of Bratz in fashion dolls were ushered into the century with a whole new attitude and revealing wardrobes that critics claimed were far too sexy for tween girls to play...


Created by MGA Entertainment, Moxie Girlz dolls are some of the trendiest girl dolls around! Using a mixture of craft and clothing accessories, Moxie Girlz are sometimes known as the younger 'Bratz'.

Bratz  doll (2001)

Evolution of the American Doll - Photos - Raggedy Ann, Patsy Doll, Dionne Quintuplets, Betsy Wetsy, Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, American Girls, Bratz,


the party line is still the strongest line from the new bratz so far nd would be bratz rock i agree with tru though the designs are very repetitive which is annoying there is only so long mga can keep doing that though some fans are stupid but not that