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gabriel lumazark

Sao Paulo based illustrator Gabriel Lumazark’s distinct, sketchy style is a wonderful game played on the eyes.


Meet the HitLiSt. Kate Schimke's List of Personal Favorite tracks recorded by Hippy Hollow Recorded artists

tumblr photography black and white - Recherche Google

Bang bang, I shot you down. Bang bang, you hit the ground. Bang bang, that awful sound.

In your heart of hearts do you really think that THIS was really created by the so called "BIG BANG THEORY? Many scientists have said " You cannot build something from nothing".THIS is the work of God. TG

solar eclipse - Don't believe this is a real pic, but God did create beautiful things in nature for us to behold! I love watching Eclipeses!

logo made de big bang - Buscar con Google

VIP de kokoro bitches >:'v Jaja oc ia me trankilizo