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[luke powell] Walter James Davis is blind. Well, only sometimes. He can sense warmth, see your aura and sense how your life will turn out. When he uses those skills then he's blind. He looks 22 but he's really 1206. Older than most in the town, he is one of the wisest. But also one of the kindest. Kind of like a grandfather. Come to him if you need advice.

“I am really interested in silence. In inarticulacy also, which isn’t the same as silence. As a performer I like looking at the gaps between what people want to communicate and what they can communicate. I love good filmmaking that isn’t just about really proficient writers of dialogue, who think that everybody’s really articulate and everybody can hear each other really well. That doesn’t feel true to me, actually. I mean, that’s a fantastical universe.”- Tilda Swinton

Watch the moment the town crier makes the announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl

"Once we were beehives...then we were children with broken homes, dead friends and raped sisters."

Princess Charlotte of Monaco’s Pearl Drop Tiara (1949), seen at the ‘Cartier: Le Style et l’Histoire’ exhibition at the Grand Palais, 2013-14.