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Choose original abstract art as the centre piece for your home if you’re mesmerized by bold textures and the blending of vivid colors found in modern abstracts. When shopping for your painting you’ll discover that many contemporary abstracts go with everything you already have.

Original abstract art reveals a side of you people don’t normally see. Abstracts are anything but dull. Whimsical unexpected abstracts keep people interested and guessing. So display colorful abstract paintings in your home to show your bold, inspired, or playful spirit.

Your original abstract art doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive and it’s easy to find something unique online. Friends and family will compliment you on how good your home looks with your new abstract painting. It feels warm and welcoming.

Painting original abstract art is addictive. The more I experiment using bold thick textured paint to create colorful modern abstracts the more I want to paint.

Modern Abstract Paintings - Contemporary Wall Art Designed for Your Home: To create original abstract art I use fun painting tools that spark my creativity. I’ve made a list of some of the everyday items that inspire my painting style.

Modern Abstract Paintings - Contemporary Wall Art Designed for Your Home: Hang abstract paintings to make your home more welcoming and vibrant. Be sure to hang as much colorful art as possible. Hang at least one painting in each room.

Painting a colorful abstract on a free afternoon is bliss. All colors are my favorite, but I particularly like bold colors and the unexpected that can happen when color and texture is combined.

For me creating a style as an abstract painter comes from the subconscious influences of everyday. I paint impressions of what I’m thinking or seeing after it’s been turned over in my mind.

I sometimes use brushes for my abstract art, but mostly I love spatulas. I can apply paint to my canvas thickly with a spatula. I have a big collection of spatulas in all shapes and sizes. People seem to want to give me all their old cooking spatulas and I use them!

Modern Abstract Paintings - Contemporary Wall Art Designed for Your Home: When painting abstracts with my many mixed paint colors I can’t imagine a world without color and art. To get more color in your life decorate with abstract art.