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Manga, I remember reading this a while ago, anyone know what it's called? The main girl is the coach for a basketball team, she is secretly in love with one of the player in the team but one day that guy got a boy friend and stuff xD, Namaikizakari!

/\/\/\ blush bow eyes closed gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun hair bow height difference hug kanapy mikoshiba mikoto orange hair polka dot polka dot bow red eyes red hair sakura chiyo tears wavy mouth - Image View - | 2497062

Tap if you want~ 😊😀😁😃 😄😅😆😇 😈😉😯😐 😑😕😠😬 😡😢😴😮 😣😤😥😦 😧😨😩😰 😱😳😵😶 😷😞😒😍 😛😜😝😋 😗😙😚😎 😭😌😔😪 😏😓🙋🙌 I like anime (duh) ^.^

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