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Lull – Between order and chaos

Created for the inaugural 'Day for Night festival' by AV&C’s Vincent Houzé, Stephen Baker and David Bianciardi, Lull is an immersive and contemplative installation that explores the liminal state between conscious and unconscious.

from CreativeApplications.Net

On the Secret Life of Things – Familiar objects, new behaviours

Created by Steffen Hartwig, On the Secret Life of Things is a series of…

ceramics by kirstie van noort / via @Jeremy Culumber Ying 邢儀偉 Zheng shibuya.

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Deltu by Alexia Léchot – iPad as a ‘mirror interface’ between humans and robots


from CreativeApplications.Net

Poetic Router – A tribute to the age of network awareness


drawings by Fierdogge, via Flickr