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Chinese stereotype of French – romantic, làng màn (浪漫)

from No Time For Flash Cards

Books About China & Chinese New Year

Good Books about China & Chinese New Year for Kids @ChrisaWest @Vicki Smallwood Smallwood Gillenwaters

Unusual is an understatement... Find out why the Chinese wear "Facekinis" here!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Chinese New Year Funny ELA and Maths Sheets (P-K/1st- Free Page in the Preview)

This is a set of printables to be used for Chinese New Year thematic units or centers. They are directed to pre - Kinders, Kinders and first graders and can

Chinese language and travel go hand in hand. Show Chinese friends your cosmopolitan view of life with this useful Chinese 成语 (chéng yǔ)! 你是什么样的人 (nǐ shì shén me yàng de rén) - What kind of person are you? 我是个四海为家的人 (wǒ shì ge sì hǎi wéi jiā de rén) - I'm cosmopolitan! Wherever I go, I'm home. (literally: I am a "4 seas are home" person) Fun fact: This is also the name of the well-known cocktail! 我要一杯四海为家 (wǒ yào yì bēi sì hǎi wéi jiā) - I want a Cosmopolitan!

Speak fluent Mandarin duck today! :) Share this with your friends so that you can quack ((呱呱, guā guā) like a native and bark (汪汪, wàng wàng) like a local! Hear audio examples of each animal here too!

Where are You From in Chinese