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I think nobody understands how much I actually love harry potter. People say omg me tooo!! they dont love it half as much as I do.

Severus Snape. Oh my gosh this picture just speaks levels of him. It's one of the times his mask falls, and you just see all that pain and anguish and self-hatred bottled up and the love he uses to fuel him to keep going, to keep him living despite his thoughts that he isn't worthy of it. Oh my gosh, I love Severus Snape.❤️❤️

I need this in my collection! Severus Snape poster from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

from Skreened

"Snape, Snape" | T-Shirt | Cute Harry Potter Shirts

I'd like to say my friends and I did not sing this song, each with assigned parts on one hilarious hungover morning in college. Madeline, Mo, Patrick... I'm talkin' to you ;)

15 Shattering Severus Snape Tattoos In Memory Of Alan Rickman

Day 18- Part You Cried The Hardest At: ok, so I didn't cry so hard DURING the movie, but afterwards, I just kept thinking about it and just crying at how he loved her after all that time (yep, that was a quote) and that love never wavered even after marriage and a kid and even death. Which is just amazing to me.

Always. I think I've finally decided to like Snape. But that doesn't mean that I think he should've ended up with Lily. I feel the same way about him that I do about Guy of Gisbourne... Robin and Marian/James and Lily forever, but Guy/Snape will always be remembered... I think if James had lived longer, he and Snape could've made up like Robin and Guy. *sniffle* Sorry, guys... totally random.