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Jackalope - G.River. Beware the jackalope. Half antelope half rabbit...born by accident when an antelope slid under a fence and accidentally impregnated a rabbit crouched nearby. Whoooaaa.

Half-man, half-goat discovered in Zimbabwe? A VILLAGE has been left shell shocked after the birth of a bizarre faun-like creature with the combined features of a man and a goat. Bild reports the goat, which died just a few hours after birth in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe, had a huge head and face which resembled a human as well as goat legs and a tail. From: The Daily Telegraph Sept 28, 2009 AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.

The truth is he cheated on you from the first year you were married and all throughout your marriage. The picture he has portrayed of you, to his friends and family makes me feel bad for you. And to blame the failed marriage all on you and the deep dark secret you have. He has shared it with everyone.... A person is a person no matter how small....

Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia is said to haunt the house of John Sowden her supposed killer. An apparition of a half of a woman has been seen near the bathroom where she was said to have been cut in half and drained of all of her blood.

Leave it to P.T. Barnum to popularize something as ugly as the Fiji Mermaid. When one thinks of mermaids, one conjures up an image of a beautiful girl with a sleek, if not smelly bottom half of a huge fish that we could just about overlook in light of her beautiful face and seductively long, flowing hair. The creature in Barnum’s freak show, however, is more akin to the sirens of sailor’s lore that shriek malevolently in the misty night, luring mariners to their deaths against the rocky…

The Asian Wildman-typically described as human-like bipedal animals, between five and six and a half feet tall, their bodies covered with reddish-brown hair, with anthropomorphic facial features including a pronounced brow ridge, flat nose, and a weak chin. Many cryptozoologists believe there is a similarity between these descriptions and Neanderthals.