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Explore Lined River, Boat Going and more!

This photo shows just how peaceful and near-empty the River Seine can be at times, a lone tour boat going along the side of the tree lined river in Paris. More information and details at

This photo shows the wide River Seine with unique moored up boats along the bank which can vary from nightclubs through to a seasonal floating swimming pool. Daily updates at

With a photo that faces towards the Institut de France you can also see the Pont des Arts which travels over the River Seine, along with a speed boat going by that we managed to capture. See more

The Louisiane Belle is the largest traditional paddle boat that operates on the River Seine which is available for use in private events by the company Bateaux de Paris. More photos to be seen at

Here in this photo you can see the very tip and end of the Ile de La Cite island with a tour boat going past and beneath a bridge on the River Seine. Want to learn more? Go to

In this photo you can see the Ile de la Cite island which sits in the middle of the river Seine to the right with a view leading down the river. See more

Along the River Seine you can see a variety of boats moored up, such as in this photo where you can find house boats as well tour boats going all along the river's edge. You may also like

Here you can see the Voie Goerges Pompidou road which passes alongside the River Seine, also with a couple tour boats also showing the magnificent city. See more Paris Photos at

The Pont Rouelle bridge is not normally known as it is only a railway bridge, but it does have some great design that goes into it over the River Seine in Paris. See more Paris Photos at