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Thai Lesson 19 - How to say: Where do you come from? (+playlist)

Thai Lesson 19 with Ying & Paula - How to say: "Where do you come from?

Thai Lesson 17 - When you don't know what to say. - YouTube

In this lesson we will teach some neat tricks that you can use to keep a conversation going in Thai. Sometimes we need some extra words to fill up the gaps w.

▶ Thai Lesson 21 - Am I right? - YouTube

In last week's Thai lesson you learned how to use the word "dâai" to say "can you." Today we will teach you another very useful question se.

Thai Lesson 40 - How to make smalltalk in Thai

In this lesson we will talk about how to make smalltalk in Thai. A very good conversation opener when you're travelling is to talk about where you're going a.

Thai Lesson 16 - Lanta's Got Talent! (+playlist)

In today's Thai lesson we find Ying in the registration desk for "Lanta's Got Talent" where the contestans are very eager to show off their talents.

Thai Lesson 10 - How are you?

In this lesson you will learn how to say "How are you?" in Thai. But do Thai people really say that? Please leave a commen.

Thai Lesson 23 - What's That?

And how do you say ice coffee in Thai? Today you will learn some key phrases to help you expand .

Thai Lesson 20 - Do you speak English?

Today we talk about languages, and how to ask someone if they can speak English, Thai or other languages. When you meet new people in Thailand as a .