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Website banner created by Keala's Studio for fantastic business which helps to create a positive change in others' lives. Completely hand drawn and mixed with digital media to create clean colouring and line work.

Say hello is an icon which has been created for my website Hand drawn and mixed with digital media to create a beautiful vector.

The colliding of time, past memories and future dreams are dancing and swiiming out from this pocket watch. Hand drawn and washed with photoshop. Illustration created by Keala's Studio.

Hand drawn carousel / bandstand on a beautiful summers day. Hand drawn and blended with digital media. Created by Keala's Studio

Hand drawn portrait blended with digital media. This little chappy was celebrating his first birthday. The portrait has different layers creating texture and fun!

Say hello to Fred. He is a little shy but he finds it hard to hide because of his exotic feathers and colouring. Fred is hand drawn and coloured with water colours. He has been enhanced a little so to draw a bit more attention to the poor chap!