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Are you ready for the simplest tutorial around? I will show you how to make a tied fleece blanket for everyone on your shopping list. Get ready to snuggle!

“Cash Crop” — an evocative work of cement, fabric, steel and wood that compels viewers to imagine themselves squeezed into the hull of slave ship. It features 15 life-size sculptures of human beings in shackles representing the 15 million human beings kidnapped and transported by sea during the trans-Atlantic slave trade —people were not considered people; they were considered a good or commodity — ['Cash Crop' on display at the African American Museum in Philadelphia 2014]

Life can be the sunshine, on peaceful days with bright blue skies, or life can be the raindrops, that fall like tears squeezed from your eyes. Life can be the heaven, that you'll only reach through hell, since you won't know that you're happy, if you've not been sad as well. Life can teach hard lessons, but you'll be wiser once you know, that even roses need both sunshine, and a touch of rain to grow.

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Jasmine Rice with Fresh Lime, Black Beans & Cilantro

Jasmine Rice with Fresh Lime, Black Beans & Cilantro | | Jazz up plain jasmine rice by adding fresh squeezed lime juice, black beans and chopped cilantro.

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Best Baby Food Blender Under $50 • News To Review -

Keep the delicious, on-the-go baby food you just made cold for hours. The Stay Cool cooler bag is the perfect accessory for busy families.


Sugar Free Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Sugar Free Lemonade (that doesn't taste sugar free!) - get the recipe at

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How To Make Fresh Squeezed Lemonade #SundaySupper

How To Make Fresh Squeezed Lemonade | by Life Tastes Good is quick and easy to make at home, and you are able to control how sweeet or tangy you make it! #SundaySupper #Homemade #LemonadeSyrup

The science of cymatics, the study of visible sound, is beginning to yield clues to one of the most challenging questions in science: what triggered the creation of life on earth?