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"In that sadness of mine that you know." ―  Pablo Neruda                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Where were you then? Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly; when I am sad and feel you are far away -Clenched Soul, Pablo Neruda

2 Cor. 5:6-9. (NKJV) "So we are always confident, knowing that while we are at home in the body we are absent from the Lord. For we walk by faith, not by sight. We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him."

"Sometimes, you just have to bow your head, say a prayer, and weather the storm." ~~~Help me to weather this storm Lord.

Best 15 Words of Wisdom | Wisdom Quotes on Pics

Best 15 Words of Wisdom

When you’re on a long journey, like I am, it is easy to minimize the progress you’ve made when you still have so far to go. I do it all the time. So today I’m going to remind myself what

I'd like to keep these in my phone to empower myself from time to time.

100 Inspirational Quotes That Will Give You Strength During Hard Times

When u face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy u. They're sent to promote increase & strengthen u

The gift of inspiration is rare in this day and age. To all you pinners who have geneously shared your creativity and vision with me, I say, thank you!

"Beautiful minds inspire others." To all the wonderful pinners who have generously shared your inspiration and creativity with me. I hope my pins have inspired you as well. Pin a as much as you like, and thank you!

Establishing healthy boundaries for yourself - what you are willing & unwilling to accept - Is one of the truest forms of self-love & love of others close to you... Go ahead, Love Yourself ; )!!

There’s a difference between giving up and knowing when you’ve had enough.That's me. I've had enough. enough of everything. simply enough