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Who's your buddy?

"A horse is not just a horse. He is sanity, he is happiness. He is a teacher, a therapist, a best friend.

This explains all my animals on so many different levels

The Princess Horse ♛ ~ Do you know one? Yes I sure own one and the other one is a Prince horse!

Both are quarter hoses! :)

BarrelRacingCowgirl on

Reiner vs Hunter - I wonder if this is how Mistic feels at the barn.


I've been a competitive athlete since I was Riding is the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's also the most fun and the most rewarding. So true !


Laughter is Always Better when you Laugh with a Friend! What is happening? Why are the horse and girl laughing? Who do you laugh with? What do you laugh about?


I could get injured riding, but my heart will never break. You know until he stomps really hard on my chest, then my heart will break.

I see a friend, not an animal

Horse Kiss sensational, only thing is no idea who this lovely couple are or where the picture was taken if anyone recognises it then please let us know so we can credit them.

I love wearing my riding clothes in public

riding clothes awkward public equestrian equestrian apparel horses Anyone else have this problem?