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I began learning Gaelic when I was child (I want my future kids to learn it as well), but can only remember a few words, as I gave up when I moved countries. I took it back up about 3 yrs ago but then became too busy. Time to get back into it though, will help with a series of books I am currently writing too. Not sure about the whole 12 wk thing; I suspect the author may be telling porkies! The best/quickest way to learn is to actually practise with someone who speaks it...such people are…

Hiking In Scotland with Kids, Bennachie. #instagram #travel

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Top Ten Kid Friendly Attractions near Edinburgh, Scotland

Looking for a little more inspiration for a trip across the pond to the land of Princess Merida? Here are my top ten tips for a memorable family visit to Scotland. #trekarooing

Scottish Products (and Irish)

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Things to Do in Edinburgh with Kids

Things to do in Edinburgh with Kids - Scotland

They may take our lives, but they will never take... OUR JUICE BOXES!!!

Well...what good Scottish kid didn't grow up on this. At home, at Granny' least once a week. Talk about comfort food and feeling loved!

I have some of's fabulous. Highlandly recommended.