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A TRUE Relationship IS... two UNperfect people/INDIVIDUALS... REFUSING... to Give Up... On EACH Other 💋💘😘😍

I LOVE Being SPOILED... NOT w/Gifts or Money = Materialistic items... BUT w/Just... Your/OUR Time TOGETHER ~ ATTENTION ~ KISSES = TRUE Intimacy Relationship 💘💋😘😍

NEVER Leave a TRUE Relationship... For a Few Faults... NObody IS Perfect ~ NObody IS Correct... In the End... AFFECTION IS Always GREATER Than Perfection

DON'T Wait to EXPRESS Romantic 💗 INTEREST 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨 💑 + Being HONEST About YOUR Intentions for a Relationship to WORK = Both of you Living a ROMANTIC Life of NO Regrets 💘💋😘💞

from mindbodygreen

7 Essential Qualities Of True, Lasting Love

It ALWAYS Comes Back to LOVE. Treat others as U would like to BE Treated. Give Love as U would like to EXPERIENCE Love. You'll Get It BACK ~ + Then Some... 7 Relationship ESSENTIALS: 1) RESPECT + AFFIRM Your PARTNER 2) ENCOURAGE + SUPPORT Their GOALS 3) PRIORITIZE Physical Intimacy 4) Let Him/Her Be of Service to U 5) Keep your OWN Life 6) COMMUNICATE Instead of Complaining 7) ACCEPT your Partner for WHO THEY ARE

Appreciate the FLAWS ~ STAY BBF ~ Love EACH Other ~ RESPECT One Another = SoulMates👌 💖 😘

Never take someone for granted... Hold every person close to your heart... because you might wake up one day + realize that you've had a diamond.. while you were too busy collecting stones... = The grass ISN'T always greener on the other side