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Seeing your skin underwater in slow-motion is really strange

10 Strange Things Spotted Deep Underwater

The doctor explained he became separated from his diving friends underwater. And came upon a massive structure rising from the ocean floor: a black, hulking object silhouetted against the lighter sun-filtered water. The object was shaped like a pyramid. He but did find a strange crystal sphere. Images of 3 pyramids can be seen in Brown’s crystal He brought it to the surface with him and later when the ancient crystal was studied researchers were astonished by its properties.

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A Strange Underwater Landslide Causes Serious Damage In Norway

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Boater Hears Strange Noise Underwater, NEVER Expected What Happened Next

Quite the incredible video is making waves after a boater got a bit more than he bargained for. Taking place off the coast of Alaska, one man heard something below the surface of the water, but nothing could have prepared him for what was about to happen.

Strange Patterns Appear On The Ocean Floor. Are They Underwater Crop Circles? -