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Explore Jaipur India, Rajasthan and more!

Contact: Adele Service, 905-518-5252 for Kantha Scarves in Paris, ON Canada....learn more about "Women Helping Women" in Jaipur, India. Thank you.

Anant helps design our logo and business card....."Women Helping Women" co-op.

Purchasing one Kantha Scarf enables a family in India to buy two bags of fresh fruit and vegetables for their family. Jaipur, India. Thank you.

"Women Helping Women" co-op tag identifying handmade Kantha Scarves and broaches. made by women in Jaipur, India and being sold in Paris, ON Canada.

Adele with Monkey 1 and Monkey 2, in their home in Jaipur, India, Dec. 2013. Love those little ones!

Amazing fresh fruit and vegetables from street vender in Jaipur, India. Buying one Kantha Scarf enables a family to buy 2 bags of fresh potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant, bananas, oranges, onions and lemons. Delicious and nutritious. Suppport "Women Helping Women" co-op.

My dear friend Anant Mathur who carefully and fatihfully enabled me to get around Jaipur on the back of his scooter and introduced me to Laxmi and Him Soni. We together started the "Women Helping Women" co-op in Jaipur India. This is the formula... buy one Kantha Scarf so a family can buy 2 bags of nutritious and delicious,fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables. I saw it with my own eyes.

The Soni Family, Jaipur India...Laxmi and Hem and their 4 children, Anshu, Nandaine, and 2 sons Monkey 1 and Monkey 2 :)

Laxmi (Jaipur, India) and Adele (Paris, Ontario Canada)....Sisters in Spirit. ...sharing a meal.