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Flashback arrestors are used to add protection in the unlikely event of an engine backfire. Green Source flashback arrestors have a double function of a filter/dryer, capturing moisture and protecting the engine These are professional chemical and heat resistant stainless steel flashback arrestors that fit 0.6 cm inner diameter tubing.

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Before you buy your Hydrogen Generator #2

HHO filter/dryer removes all unwanted particles and moisture from HHO before it enters the engine. This results in a better performing engine with less maintenance. It comes complete with 1 micron filter and standard 0.6 cm hose fittings More

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This simple, low cost steam engine design drives a generator to provide low cost electricity. Heat from recycled steam can also heat your home. The Atomic Hydrogen Aphoid Furnace I'm building will provide instant, high pressure steam at very low cost. My blog describes the process. More

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Anaerobic Digestion Turns Dung Into Renewable Energy

Anaerobic Digestion Turns Dung Into Renewable Energy Read more at: | Greener Ideal

Cleaning biogas with microbes - Not the main theme of the paper, but it goes over the different types of microbes that can be used and their efficiency.