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What is the Skills Gap and The Impact on Manufacturing and the Economy

What is the Skills Gap and The Impact on Manufacturing?

Documenting 'Dirty' Jobs: Miners At Work

{true story} Coal miner Lee Hipshire in 1976, shortly after emerging from a mine in Logan County, W. Va. at the end of his shift. At age 36, he had worked 26 years underground. A few years later, Lee took early retirement because of pneumoconiosis, or black lung disease. He died at 57.

15 overlooked and under appreciated blue-collar jobs that pay well.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. What a royal disappointment Discovery cancelled his show!!! Thank you Mike for bringing attention to & standing up for us blue collar workers! God bless you <3

"We’re not sufficiently gob-smacked by the accomplishments of skilled labor. And so we don’t encourage it. Even as thousands of college graduates return to Mom’s basement, hopelessly in debt and with no prospects in their chosen field. It’s madness."

"One man's trash is another man's treasure". From this principle, the recycle-scrap-metal industry emerges with the chance to create vast number of jobs. The book Go Lean...Caribbean extoll the "turn-around" community ethos for the benefit of job creation in the art/science of destruction (demolition, recycling and junkyards). If the economic, security and governing issues are managed right, new blue-collar (manual, wet, and dirty) jobs and opportunities for an entrepreneurial "hustle"…