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Kasumi cried when she heard Jacob ended up with Brynn. (source: anon)

“ Miranda is really short without her heels. ” (source: anon)

“ Shepard has always had zero knowledge of popular culture. She’s sounded like an out-of-touch adult trying to seem “cool” among a younger crowd ever since she was a teen. ” (source: lana)

“ When Wrex complimented Ashley’s fighting capabilities in Mass Effect 1, he was (not so) subtly flirting with her. ” (source: pkbitchgirl)

Liara’s outfit is a drell fashion that Feron got for her.(source ...

“ Liara, being the Shadow Broker, has bugs on everyone’s personal terminal. She always informs Shepard when Garrus has been doing more “research,” and the two often share a good laugh over it. ” (source: i-am-shepard-commander)

Zaeed gets a kiss from Samara on his deathbed. (source: anon)

Kasumi Goto by on @deviantART

“ Years after the end of the war, Garrus gets digestive implants that allow him to safely consume levo-based food. It’s not until Shepard introduces him to the double bacon cheeseburger that he’s convinced it was worth it. ” (source: anon)