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No nails,screws ore metal. The base for my serving tray, Jacks. Made by hand In Oslo, Norway.

Jacks serving tray. Base in soild wood, oak and beech. Made by hand.The top it's a map. This one is Oslo , my city. Laser engraved. Made in Oslo , Norway

Glass version of the jacks. Serving tray with a sculptural shape. Art with function! Base in solid oak and beech. Top in 5 mm tempered, polished glass with rounded corners.

The quality of my products are the result of my passion. Made by hand in Oslo , Norway.


Parachute shelf, made by hand in soild oak. Dividers in parachute cords. Made in Oslo , Norway

Parachute shelf, made by hand in Oslo , Norway. Soild oak. With dividers in parachute cords. Super strong and flexible. Pick your style of color!

The acrylic top of Jacks serving tray. It's a map and it's Oslo. Laser engraved. I love my city!

Sculptural function ! Jacks serving tray. Everybody should have things that are not boring!