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Macy Gray Performs 'Stoned'

Janis Joplin - Intruder

Kids' orchestra slays with Led Zeppelin xylophone covers

The video below documents a rehearsal session for the musical collective (all kids aged 7 to 12), which covers “Immigrant Song,” “The Ocean,” and “Kashmir” in fluid sequence. Jimmy Page himself was blown away: “Too good not to share,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Not only does he have awesome hair, but he's really good! Sail - cello cover

Jimi Hendrix, Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (First rays of the new rising sun; 1997). "Is the microphone on?", pergunta Hendrix pouco depois de dois minutos de música. Sem palavras pra genialidade disso:

ICP - Homies--if you don't like me you can fuck off!

Janis, "Piece of My Heart" "Janis Joplin's talent was that you believed she was singing her guts out every night. In that sense she was like [Edith] Piaf. You were watching a candle burn, with no wax to replace what had already been burned up. Janis was a feel, an emotion, a spur. …she aroused desire but was not the object of that desire. And I think she was never able to deal with that reality." Bill Graham

Labelle It Took a Long Time

Janis Joplin Combination of the two